December 16, 2015

EIP Pharma announces scientific publication of results demonstrating pro-cognitive effects in aged rats of VX-745, a clinical stage selective p38 MAP kinase alpha Inhibitor

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — EIP Pharma LLC today announced the publication in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease of an article entitled “Selective brain-targeted antagonism of p38 MAPK alpha reduces hippocampal IL-1 beta levels and improves Morris-Water-Maze Performance in Aged Rats,” which demonstrates pro-cognitive effects of VX-745 for the first time.

“These results demonstrate the potential of p38 MAPK alpha antagonism as a disease modifying approach for Alzheimer’s that could both reverse cognitive deficits in the short term and prevent further cognitive decline in the long-term,” said Dr. John Alam, the author of the publication.

The preclinical study reported in the publication was conducted in an independent contract research laboratory that had previously validated the aged rat model for assessing the ability of drug treatments to reverse cognitive deficits.  The cognitive deficits in the model are considered to be due to the effect of inflammation on neuronal and synaptic function.

About VX-745 and p38 MAPK alpha 
VX-745 is a brain-penetrant investigational drug that inhibits the intra-cellular enzyme p38 mitogen activated protein kinase alpha (MAPK) alpha; and is currently in phase 2 clinic evaluation in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease.  In the brain, p38 MAPK alpha regulates inflammation through effects on microglia, the major immune cell in the central nervous system (CNS).  P38 MAPK alpha is also expressed in neurons, where it modulates memory formation and synaptic function.

About EIP Pharma 
EIP Pharma, LLC ( is a private R&D stage CNS-focused therapeutics company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The company is the owner of an issued US patent (#8,697,627, granted April 15 2014; pending worldwide) on the use of VX-745 to reduce existing brain amyloid plaque in patients.


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